Ru-Fr-Swe-speaking semi-professional nerd, who has given up smoking and can not do anything but read books, threads on hltv and bet on tier-1 csgo matches.

Actually, i started my betting career at the semi-final of Boston Major in DotA 2, when my best friend offered me Terrorblade Arcana, what was "OH OHHHH OOOOOH OH MY FKING GOD OOOOOOOOOH" that times and i decided to bet it (ye i know that it was kinda bad but i did not give a damn). I bet at OG at semi finals and won, so i started to receive requests on different dota items to win and i had been managing to get them very well during half a year, u kno... All this time i was hating CS so much, BUT one day i started loosing. Loosing so much. I have lost all my arcanas. That time i actually had Terrorblade, Zeus, 2 SFs and 1 Lina. That was 2016 so it was a huge amount of money. I almost gave up, but suddenly, i founded HLTV. I knew that i could watch team stats here, analyse them and bet. So since i have signed-up here, my "gold mine" has never stopped. (i will continue later)

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Do MIBR have chance?
I think not
Guess the country.
Lul xD
Overrated players list
Kio otto NBK and cromen are neither underrated nor overrated
Do not smoke
That all depends on your will I have not been smoking for one week. And tbh i feel much better. I mean stamina grows like dick in the morning
Germany vs Russia
Sorry for english, i know it sucks. I speak french fluently but i gave up eng
Germany vs Russia
TBH it scares me. But i am calming myself thinking that those who say it are just 13 y o kids who are thinking themselves a great politicians
Germany vs Russia
Maybe maybe. I have never been interested in Ukrainian history (only tried to make a work about Nestor Makhno but gave it up, cause it was in 7 klass) but i admit that you might have a much worse one
Germany vs Russia
You lost the 2WW but it makes no sence cause your gouv good and people are clever, however our soviet propaganda machine had been working pretty well since 1917 for 1991 so now we have 95% of people w...
Germany vs Russia
We are not even tier 10 economically
Germany vs Russia
Its too long to explain. We have never had a good leader And the Put-in gouv is ruining the country
Worst site Design
nt PlasticB0Y
Vikrtor Uebanovich Sl1dan, who had said "Nado pochillit i u tebya vsyo poluchitsya"
Feel sorry for y mate, this shit happens. If you continue to bet-your stresslevel will grow, so my advice is to have a rest. Remember your national hero
Ohhh man, i kno that feel. And it goes ^2 when you see that you could up the losen money (idk how to skazat in English, my eng sucks)
And it is obvious that on that level this what we call "322" happens much more often