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Best beer in the world?
Flame Tastes the worst but is far cheaper than any other so is best for a broke uni student like me
Leaving parents at what age?
I left as soon as I turned 17 when I went to uni. Living with your parents is cheap so if you work a few days a week you will save money fast and be able to be self sustaining
city w/ no religion
I think quite a few New Zealand and Australian cities are like this
most frags
For me I think 45 in 30 rounds but Ive seen a guy get 61 in 30 roudns
games to play other than cs
civ 5 is a really good strategy game if you are into strategy games
both are superpowers
Navi changes
they have defo looked better this major, they played very well against ence losing both matches 16-14 and winning 1 16-13 they were the better team. i think that they should keep their current roster
Real top 6 teams
imo switch liquid and renegades
I guess when you will die
1. Pasta 2. Gaming/Partying 3. Male 4. GN2
Question about swe tax
There are more than just 3 armies that stand for good and morality, the NZ army literally spends most of their time helping out other countries when they get into trouble
Favorite pistol in CS GO
deagle hands down
which country is 'free'?
tbh i actually dont like either but marmite is made in nz and vegemite is made in au so its kinda like one of those feuds between nz and aus
which country is 'free'?
which country is 'free'?
nz isnt too bad, neither is australia