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Building Gaming PC
- water cooler - ssd + gtx 1070 or vega 56
Shame on Brazil
nobody likes MiBR but brasilians.... this is the truth...
Press F to pay respects
F anyway
Press F to pay respects
get out of HLTV for a moment.... your friend is dead.... c'mon...
Envy vs MIBR
Come Back boyssssssssssssssss
Envy vs MIBR
MiBR 5 awp..... and still worked.... oh man...
this fucking day :( omfg , im so fki sad
Do you use steam guard, right?
FaZe fans come here
Your countries "bitch"
2002 final :)
Your countries "bitch"
Italy is our bit** in football world cup finals and in Volleyball finals
yeah... just like that... But I sincerely prefer Bolsonaro, since the PT(Workers party........ that doesn't work at all) has been in charge of the presidency for 14 years... We need something new......
Haddad is a member of the PT party, well known for being the party that planned one of the world's biggest corruption schemes. His party financed dictatorships of Venezuela and Cuba with Brazilian mon...
Haddad is the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy worse than Bolsonaro
Brazilian politics Haddad x Bozo
ainda não entendeu que valor bruto da empresa no mercado não necessariamente representa o preço da ação na bolsa de valores.... desde que ela é uma estatal, ou seja, mesmo tendo sempre caído na bolsa...
Brazilian politics Haddad x Bozo
Fácil, pega ai o "idiota": coloca o gráfico p...