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rhyme with 'figures'
Strippers Knickers Babysitters
Your Favorite Transformer?
Bumblebee when he was a vw. The original one not this shitty new version and not the camero. 80s transformers best transformers
Astralis will win the major
Astralis use the smoke bug, they already admitted it, but it's not an unfair advantage if everyone else can also use it.
ok whatever enjoy 'the rest' of the major
the rest? it hasnt started yet
she didnt even reply :(
reply below hit the wrong button :/
she didnt even reply :(
you havent seen her for a month? maybe text again ask if shes ok
she didnt even reply :(
probably because you text her at 10 past 3 in the fucking morning
sergej is a weeb
4739 hours played and never killed a defuser with a HE. what a noob
though aug has broken the game a bit its not all augs, we've seen some aug dominated maps so far but I think after the qualifiers when the 'proper' teams start appearing it will take more than an aug ...
What is love?
why flusha is the goat
a billy goat?
Best Fantasy Novels
Terry Prattchet I dont know how the humour translates into other countries but I at least like how such ridiculous and unbelievable situations can be so comparable with real life Thanks in advance ...
most of these players haven't disappeared they just play on lower tier teams
Does EU has real men trucks?
lol trucks. If i want everyone to know I have a big dick I can just pull my pants down, dont need to buy a truck