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North vs CR4ZY
All the thrower cries. Is it so hard to believe that it's just down to both these teams being trash
North vs CR4ZY
Yeah I get that sometimes on bet365 too, it depends how fast the rounds are I usually find they're about 1 round ahead but sometimes with ecos and stuff it can be 2 or 3 rounds, it's easier to track r...
North vs CR4ZY
Stream is delayed a good 2 minutes at least, b365 score is at least a round ahead and even that is delayed
NRG vs DreamEaters
1hr 20 minutes?
CS:GO Pro Allu departs ENCE, back to FaZe Clan after two years.
Why would he join a t2 team
3400+ hrs in CS GO since 2012 AMA
You just need to put yourself out there, no one is going to do you any favors, you want these companies to notice you you make yourself noticed, they aren't looking for you you are looking for them. I...
NRG vs DreamEaters
Probably a good thing no one from the US will be watching, don't want to incite any more gun crime
3400+ hrs in CS GO since 2012 AMA
Of course not but still a lot do, but what do you consider a good salary for someone coming out of uni? Just curious as I earn what I consider to be a good salary and have colleagues who went to uni o...
3400+ hrs in CS GO since 2012 AMA
There actually are though
3400+ hrs in CS GO since 2012 AMA
What's a 'good job' salary? Also remember a lot of these 'academics' will be paying off student loans for the rest of their lives
professional female cs go player lvl 4
ABOUT We don't know anything about AIDY sounds about right
3400+ hrs in CS GO since 2012 AMA
looks like theres gonna be a lot of disappointment for the future generation in the world of work
i give it a 0.77 rating
3400+ hrs in CS GO since 2012 AMA
because education = money?
Singularity vs Lazarus
A clown fiesta?