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Zowie FK1
Of course it will. Why not? The FK1 has got one of the best mouse feet out there and should glide smoothly with any other mousepad.
pros that smoke
Yes, he ate it
Faceit lvl 8
Just watch how a bot and a Faceit Level 8 plays lmao. I might look stupid because I fall in one of your baits
Faceit lvl 8
It's a bad bait right?
Faceit lvl 8
I know its NA but even there they don't play that bad. In EU its already level 6= Global Not sure about level 8 na tho
Legends stage 0-3
They will probaly not go into the playoffs because most of the other teams are just better but they will get atleast 1 point if they play against a T2 team.
How many times have you commented it
how tf did sterlings shot miss
This shouldn't really happen tho. It was so close to be clear again and that should have been an easily hit from low to mid range.
how tf did sterlings shot miss Here is the clip and yes the shot should have been a hit.
how tf did sterlings shot miss
I also saw that. I would like to see that in slow motion again.
Keyboard < 100$
Any of the HyperX Alloy series and Fnatic MiniStreak.
Nickname rating 0/5
AUG Boring
At least you can't run and gun with it
I7-9700k overclocking
Of course. It is one of the best air coolers out there and also very silent.
Top vac shot
As I already said, it was a lucky shot but it seems like that you don't really know all mechanics which isn't a problem but you might gonna learn these if you want to be better in CS.