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Danish Hitler ( Rasmus Paludan ) will be selected
Expected from stupid leftists to compare rightist leaders with hitler
Danish Hitler ( Rasmus Paludan ) will be selected
Shit likes shit
racism toward kpop
BTS has one nice song tbh
Most Hated Country
Worldwide North korea i would say Then israel/middle east Then african muslim countries
There shouldn't even with the fact that iran regime is like a stupid arrogant kid with power inherited from his parents
Anyone from Kuwait here?
Yes me
ABS in 1 month
If you work only on abs sure.. I just started going to the gym and i'm doing full body so i have only 2 abs exercises
ABS in 1 month
Biceps are not the most important but definitelly the favorite ones to show
hot lesbian girl on your bed
Wtf are all of these threads right now
No fap
You're right, it doesn't. But different people are differently affected by masturbation. I personally had a great social life in highschool with alot of female friends aswell. After 3-4 years of fapp...
No fap
10 days of NoFap here.. I feel nothing right now but i'm halpy with the fact that i'm not constantly thinking about dod i fap today already or when am i going to.
hypocrisy contest!
Good luck with that. I actually agree with you but since it's so unrealistic then atleast i'm picking the right side
i love noggers!
Lmao thank you for making me laugh out loud
i love noggers!
Wtf racist
Best season of Game of Thrones?
3rd 1st 4th 5th 2nd 6th 7th Nickleback music Justin bieber Feminists 8th