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righties come
Leftists sympathize with muslims more than rightist s, you're being stupid
US 2020 elections
We were talking about how trump is racist. Don't push me to your arguements with other users. And i can't prove that he isn't racist. Its your job to prove me that he is.
US 2020 elections
You are completely ignorant, you are being the opposite of factual right now so don't tell me i'm the one ignoring facts.
US 2020 elections
Oh i am
US 2020 elections
Jesus what a boring argument. I knew you wouldn't find anything because there is nothing, but hell. I'm only responding to one because whatever i say you'll twist just like other braindead leftists. ...
US 2020 elections
Trump can't commit to the border with your retarded congress, but having a president that even supports it is chaos imo
US 2020 elections
Give me one case trump was saying something racist. Go.
US 2020 elections
Maybe because he is not actually racist and he insults only the stupid provoking dems that insult him 2x as much on a daily basis? Yang might be the only decent one, or atleast he was after he kinda ...
nuke 3 countries.
Is your dictatorship good for humanity? No. Are israel's and US' developed democracies good for humanity? Yes.
Top3 annoying countries
You shouldn't even be on that list. The reason you are is 99% of HLTV users are european biased who think they are superior and trash on every other continent
Top3 annoying countries
You mean france
People especially in politics need to shut the fuck up with this low IQ word
This just got me thinking a lot..
There are milion ways to release stress in a healthy way if you try hard enough, but i'm not judging and I'm sorry you had to experience these kind of things as a teen
This just got me thinking a lot..
FeelsBadMan and i'm not trying to be mean but the fact that your dad is alcohol is not a good excuse to start smoking, you started smoking because you fell for smoking
Am conservative AMA
Getting pregnant and then regreting it equals a mistake. Read it twice maybe you'll catch it