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Gj faze next navi
I tried to help my friends on a community competitive server like this way. But I automatically shifted to spectate mode once I joined server. I kept clicking on my friends team. But it didn't let me ...
Gj faze next navi
yet only 5 members can play as a team in cs
Krimz FaZe
No one can tell Krimz won't leave 100%. There are 2 main reasons him to leave. Faze clan is a fucking rich org, they can offer good sum of $$$$$$ Krimz probably a friend of Olofmeister since they jo...
IBM Model F 6110347 Keyboard Little bit expensive. But worth the money.
Karrigan future?
Very old stuffs again.
Duck Nutz vs Rejected
Wow grand prize 300$. 60$ per person assuming no any cut is going for coach, org etc. xaxaxaxaxaxaxa
Finally FaZe
If individually all 5 are star level tier 1+ god damn skillful players you don't need strats actually. Just think 5 copies s1mple screaming cyka blyat idi nahui and rush b with 5 p90s in dust2. Eve...
Finally FaZe
Niko S1mple Olof Guardian Rain all of these players have ability to take 2 kills in every round in any map. So basically in every round s1mple and niko will kill 4 (each 2). So rain, olof and guardia...
Finally FaZe
if S1mple join Faze and rest of the faze players got in to their past form ez top 1 team 2k19
I just woke up
Finally FaZe
worst bait ever 0/8
show match was 1 vs 1 (duels) with each player of Astralis & Cloud9. AWP, AK47, Deagle, M4 and I can't remember last gun. Youtube it and you will find.
CSGO Team Fix
-tonyblack + gla1ve -chopper + dev1ce -jr + magisk -hutji + dupreeh -crush + xyp9x
I was in India...
In de_canals ?
I was in India...
I'm a Sri Lankan living in Jordan and ate Kerala paraatha from a Kerala guy's restaurant located in Jordan. Taste is out of the world. Paraatha was very soft that when I touch it fells pieces by piece...