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NBG* Natural Born GOD*
kio broke up with his gf
both his name and his flag checks out..
haha they had no business winning that round. godian
why is it called pineapple in english? seems like most countries call it ananas..
5 dangerous cities in your country
Well it’s not that black and white. If you done serious crimes, like first degree murder, you will be pretty isolated, and it’s not like a hotel. You don’t have access to Internet and stuff, and can s...
5 dangerous cities in your country
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I am going to war :(
Of course if russia invades Finland he not only has to fight, he’ll be first in line. Same in norway. But for operations abroad, like Afghanistan you need to sign up for professional soldier (or agree...
5 dangerous cities in your country
The other russian cities are third world.
5 dangerous cities in your country
5 dangerous cities in your country
There are none. Maybe parts of Oslo. But even those parts are not really dangerous.
[Review] Can Liquid win IEM chicago?
How did Faze and LDLC play a bo1 on mirage if it’s their worst map? Probably their 3-4 worst map. Liquid can crush any tier2 team on maps like Mirage, but they usually struggle against faze in bo3s...
Faze Astralis
Finally the two best teams are Faze and Astralis. Liquid chokers, navi only good when s1mple + 2 others go crazy. 2019 will be all about these teams. Faze will probably add another player for Karrigun...
I am going to war :(
Haha bs. They would never send a conscript to a conflict without his consent.
LDLC Roster Changes
Well ALEX is from the french scene. He grew up there. So he's french in a CS sense.
LDLC #1 in France right now?
LDLC beating top teams. G2/Vitality bombing everything. Easily number 1 now.