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Gob b is so bad wtf
Gob b has been the no1 problem for big for a long time. He is stubborn and refuses to leave Big
BIG vs
Thank you Gob B for destroying the team keep playing have fun.
Who or what created the universe?
someone created everything you can call him god / allah does not matter. Believing in the scientists or accident is not merging. Our brains are limiting. there will be a lots of error if you start to ...
Big Clan -> Big Choke
Yes they do go watch the replays and write down how many rounds big won thx to xantares and come back chorizo
gob living in 2015 strats and aim wise worst. Save big kick gob
North vs BIG
Feel so sorry for tabsen and xantares also tizian they deserve better team
BIG logic?
The problem is gob b and only gob b. Save BIG get rid of gob b and his 2016 strats.
issa crying :(
Hellraisers will always be tier 10 team there is no way to save them with rooster changes. I feel sad for issa only he is a good player and deserves to play in better teams.
BIG vs Vitality
if nex steps up its izi win for big, Xantares is well prepared. Its going to be Butchery on another level
match fix liquid trolling second map GG
never bet on Na matches. Match fixing happens often there.
Cloud9 vs Rogue
Krystal bro plz im sure ur a nice guy irl but please leave rouge for everyones well-being.
Rogue vs Cloud9
why put the biggest bot crystal alone in B rogue?
Tfue moves to CS
plz kids stay in fortnite dont come in csgo scene we are good here.
NiKo most overated ever
-getright +olof
Rate my beats
its good but you need to work with good quality patches and sampels.