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is FalleN too old?
Yeah, Slovakian scene is really big and it is really easy to find a team, especially a few years ago. 0/8
is FalleN too old?
So what? GuardiaN was 2nd best player as well and he made top 20 six times, while fallen only got to top 20 in 2016-17. He had good 2018 compared to FalleN and was more relevant in 2013/14/15.
Swedish IQ Not expected, especially from Swede the fuck???
Yeah, there are a lot of situations where I just see how bad it is 1v1, but sometimes it feels really good to spray people long range or shoot through smokes without having to worry much, especially n...
NO motivation for CS
This happens to me atleast once a year, I start playing other games for 2-3 months max and then I slowly come back to cs.
M4A1-S after the last update ?
If you played m4a1s before this buff it helps, but if you are used to m4a4 there is no reason to switch
Its only last 20 matches
AdreN underrated?
The problem is there arent really any good igls available now imo. AdreN could actually be the best one they can get now, but idk if his english is good enough to igl.
R8 Slovak RAP
Its probably ironic, but we have guy in our town who is like this as well and he thinks his rap is good, you never know :D.
AdreN underrated?
He did way better than I expected, he played really good imo, but he isnt the solution.
R8 Slovak RAP
Did he record it on nokia or some shit?
Well they signed another contract with windigo, so it cant be so bad.
depends on contracts they signed i guess
When you were new to CS:GO...
yeah :D
When you were new to CS:GO...
I thought people wanted to be nice and help me, especially with my skins.