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Snax is lyfe, RIP Polish VP
Phoon pls come back
s0m is basically Stewie

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stuttering in cs
Try updating your graphics card drivers and deleting your old drivers for it, also scan your pc to make sure that your system is picking up all the right components, I remember I plugged my GPU in wro...
Why everyone is naming this cop as racist?
black life matters
Yeah it's like making one feel more important over all the others, which is opposing the exact thing they are fighting for, equality
Anomaly scammer
Yeah it's like when you go to a market and someone is selling something for example £50, if you say "would you take £30" and they agree, that's not a scam because they literally accepted the price
sAw PT FANS come
I could see sAw being like furia, mad lions or the old Cr4zy roster, lower level team (with some no namers) that just blew up and became a mad good team, also like furia sAw have a sick logoz would ma...
cringiest team name
Fucking Winstrike, sounds like a children's army toy set
Broky or coldzera?
you found this thread a bit late mate
very nice to plai wi chu
nahhhh broky was holding the angle he would have peeked
BnTeT is clearly NA player, he plai with legend like timmymatic and dap
Imagine a CS when CTs can pick up the bomb
imagine a gamemode where the T's have a human target to kill and the Ct's need to protect him, like a protect the president type mode
FaZe Bymas
bruh he just joined what you expect? 2016 Coldzera? 2018 S1mple?
Coffee bad?
It's a bad thing to get addicted to for sure, I remember I tried to collect every monster csn and ended up gaining so much weight over the summer
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