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Who cares
[18+] if your girlfriend cheated on you
Leave her. And always in mind, if u gf cheated on you, the problem is your gf not you, and there is nothing to be ashamed
Least liked team?
I would say liquid. I really like elige and nitro . Really good players, always humble, hardworkers and making the kills. But naf , stewie and twistz , what arrogant dudes, u only need to see the inte...
i r8 ur favorite player
Your first rank in CSGO?
Silver 5 and now global elite. I started playing on a notebook and i reached ak x. Then i changed the pc, buy a mousepad, new mouse, i got a better internet conection and all the gsme become easier
Countries with no scene
Italy , for sure
El Camino discussion (spoilers)
Are u joking, right?
coolest pro player
Twistzz? the skinny guy with depression?
Vitality with shox
The coach answer this on a interview few days ago
I just realize about hist name. Gonzalez zamora. He has spanish / latins parents/roots?
Your kid got downs syndrome
U dont “got “ down syndrome, u have or u dont have it
how to ruin a roster in 1 move
You are fan of flusha? When he was igl he sayed that fells unconfortable and with the igl role he lost all the freedom he has to make the plays he wanted to do. After they got golden 2 years ago he sa...
Its completely depends ,if the girls its worthy to pay. If u think that have big chances to fuck her in less than 2-3 dates , go ahead and pay the check, if dont , dont do it. Also there is a lot of g...
Just say hi how are u and after that what are u doing o something like that. And invent . I use to say that i was doing x thing when really i was in bed only for make more conversation. If where late ...
I guess your age