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Lazarus vs Luminosity
Agree, cant believe its not being streamed
Kick xantares
I believe Nex is more of a problem than Xantares Plus the language barricade
Top 5 NA players ATM
In no order Auti Brehze Twistzz Elige Nitro I'd love to see this team actually
Jame omegalul
No need to make fun of Navi's next IGL
New C9?
Me so sorry friend
New C9?
New C9?
I agree, I thought Wardell would of been a great add at the time. I could be wrong it could of been Cerq they reached out to. But either one I think would of been a great replacement for Ska when he l...
I don't think this roster works out but hoping it does. With Jugi coming over I assume Auti goes back to Rifler. Time will tell
New C9?
With Jugi coming over to C9 I am assuming Auti goes over to the "Star" roll. Which is unfortunate because I think he was really starting to warm up with his AWP.
New C9?
I thought they reached out to Wardell in the past (when Ska retired) an he wansnt interested.
C9 roster
Agree Rush has been underwhelming. I think if he under performs leading up to the next Major an the Major itself he will be replaced.
-zeus +Jame
100% agree with this an could see it happen at the end of the year.
Rate Quarter pickems
If those are indeed the picks I think NiP can give Astralis problems, especially if NiP gets to play Astralis on inferno
Thought overall C9 had a nice Major. Flusha as IGL Zellsis as a stand in No coach An was only 1 match away from the Champions Stage. Looking forward to see what kind of moves they make
I havent seen anything Not sure if they come once you get 5 or once the major is over