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why did the chicken cross the road?
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yOu dIDn'T bEiT mE wTF u got baited by that """""russian"""" guy
GPU or CPU Upgrade for better FPS in CSGO
i said the rx 580 is a much better OPTION than the 1060, cuz it is much cheaper (around 100~130 dollars difference here) and it has basically the same performance (it's even better in some games)
Taco and zews were the problem
hUr DuRRR what was i expecting from that guy? lol
look at this guy's profile his only goal is to bait and make people like u mad stop replying to him (or to comments towards him)
Liquid team photos?
just take twistzz body and photoshop stewie's head on it
Taco and zews were the problem
ok liquid fanboy, ok. if astralis had played as they did in 2018, liquid wouldn't have won. and also, thanks liquid for giving ""bot"" taco back to us, we know how important a player like him really...
Taco and zews were the problem
? i'm just saying facts dude lol
Taco and zews were the problem
not really, liquid would be nothing nowadays without the brazilians ;) liquid played very well skillwise, good thing astralis didn't so.. even tho liquid played well, part of the credit goes to astr...
they may win, but winning a tournament like that one isn't really "make history"
Shroud camwhore
clip or never happened
s1mple funny fact
if this rank is based on rating and individual number, and s1mple is the best player individually, why are u complaining? even device said that s1mple is the most skilled~best player individually
s1mple funny fact
dude lol s1mple is better than device, you can NOT disagree on it if s1mple is better than device (and has better stats etc), how could device be in front of s1mple? it's s1mple, the best player of t...
Leaving HLTV
ok, bye
if devvegod #2
s1mple is better, he's the best player in the world *right now* if he doesn't get the top1, this is a complete bullshit if the best player in the world doesn't get the top 1, what's the point of it?
s1mple & dev1ce
? u didn't answer me but ok