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Not even close to how disappointing any of the french players were, apart from zywoo ofc.
Felps to MiBR
Honestly I think felps rumours are more realistic than kng ones. I really doubt fallen will let kng in his team.
COLDZERA #1 2019
funny how they won tournaments if baitzera did nothing for the team when he used to "bait". people can sometimes forget the past so quick.
Ugliest flag?
lithuanian flag does look horrible lmao
MM improvements
None of this will happen and csgo will remain dead.
"one sided" hahahaha. nt
Is Gla1ve cheating?
ok srilanka, go back to fishing and ill go back to eating.
Need to have a scene to be better. LUL
MiBR situation
This is actually interesting lmao
MiBR fixes
Baiting it seems. If you had any idea of his play style, you wouldn't say its bait. Just because Taco couldn't win aim duels isn't cold's fault. He was always sent in as an entry. "At the end of t...
MiBR fixes
Oh let me also add this, 2 x #1 player in the world.
MiBR fixes
Yeah sure, that's how they won 2 majors and maintained #1 spot for a long time in 2017 as SK. All because cold was just an average pro haha. good laughs. He might have been in a slight slump in the ...
MiBR fixes
Truth is hard to digest sometimes. Idc about what people say about mibr being shit, its true they aren't at their best rn obv. But for people who underrate cold.. LOL wrong player.
MiBR fixes
Coldzera is anyday an upgrade to Naf Fly. When put at the right moments, Cold still is a beast. And I feel like he fits right into the team, into Naf's role.