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Hunter was the best flasher this minor Nexa is a support player at first and has "baity" playstlye because he is great at clutches and postplants Im pretty sure this team would work
Or even better, faze kicks olof and neo, adds nexa and hunter. Imagine that deadly cousin duo of niko and hunter alongside with nexa and rain with guardian awping Poggers
Fnatic retrds?
Tier 3 ranked #18 in the world
Wimbledon day 9 prediction
Wimbledon day 9 prediction
nadal 3 0 actually
Small Dick (unhard)
Stewie2k toxic mode
why? lol, i like the competitiveness and the trash talk. it's all part of the game which gives US - the viewers , better experience and more hype about the game. Imagine fucking UFC without conor tra...
CSGO players to NBA
overrated 1x ring 1x finals MVP 2x defensive player of the year carried toronto to finals overrated did you just fucking say overrated overrated?
Best AWP players
well he is cosistently uncosistant
Living in Slovakia AMA
Yes, and about 250 meters usable
Living in Slovakia AMA
Slovenia Sea pick one XDDDDD they go to croatia because they don't have a single beach on that 250 meters of sea they have.
Leaving Germany
well there is a difference between immigrants who grew up in Switzerland and immigrants who came recently to fuck your mothers and sisters without permissions.
Leaving Germany
slovenia is perfect. the best of balkans by far. I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I guarantee you with my life, in Serbia you are not safe, in Bosnia even less. Croatia is pretty nice, especially...
Girlfriend addicted to clubbing?
luld a lot tbh
Girlfriend addicted to clubbing?
You are just too good for her. facts : she doesn't wanna find a compromise with you, which means that this lifestyle is absolutely normal to her. she is a fucking attention-whore who wants to be ...