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juliano ass
ESL Events
No, ESL One will continue with CS:GO :)
MTW vs Death.Energy
It's Double Elimination Groups, this is the decider match in the loser bracket.
Party Daddlers vs Playing Ducks
yeah it starts any minute now.
Semi-finals are bo1, only grand final is bo3 in our cups.
Imaginary fe vs inFernity ladies
dotpiXels vs CPLAY
Yes, as muNi said, this match will feature GoTV!
The stream for this match will be in English (VG Flave)
mousesports vs SFTO
The stream for this match will be in English (VG Flave)
Natus Vincere vs Anexis
No, it's just to have a clear backup list in case we need more teams from Europe. First team on the replacement list for Europe is mousesports, second will be the winner of this match and third the lo...
SK Gaming vs Natus Vincere
Moscow Five vs ENTiTY
I do know that they wrote something on the match page and I didn't said that it's their fault.
Moscow Five vs ENTiTY
ESL never stated that matches can be postponed and it just looks like both teams were just unable to communicate to each other as both of them claim that they have tried to contact the opponent to arr...
ESWC Female tourney
If anyone missed some of the scores or just want to check them out, head over to First two rounds are complete, third one will start soon.
ESWC Female tourney
I've talked to the tournament director and he organized HLTV. Have fun everyone! eswc.verygam...