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Songs nobody hates
Don't stop me now - Queen
Songs nobody hates
>happy won with nV >ex6 dragged ldlc down >look at them now
best youtuber from ur country? ever since he made the pubg shroud video or the NiP one, it got really stale from there
FaZe olof
the only real win they got was from sydney, belo horizonte didnt have any competition
device or s1mple [solved]
NiKo > twistzz
Favorite words of HLTV users
Best roster move in 2018?
adding golden and lekr0 didnt work UNTIL the boston major where they started to shine, to be honest they didnt have any other players to pick up after dennis and olof, so why not get lerk0 from godsen...
Best roster move in 2018?
im pretty sure if north still had k0nfig and cajun their would have the same results
cobble back?
dust 2 before the refreshed map pool was 1 minute avg que time
sick for 1 week :(
get well i guess
s1mple = pele
smooya neymar? fer/fallen = neymar also i would consider olof as messi and guardian ronaldo, good stats wins with teams but doesnt win world championships
Chicago is beautiful
9 years, glenview illinois, i think i visited river north before but only a normal drive through passing through just for events, i dont exactly mean chicago north streets or smth, just living in illi...
cooper will be benched/6th player of eU
calling them t5 is a compliment
Chicago is beautiful
+1 can confirm i lived near chicago before, got scared as fuck when i was in the car alone at night when i was at the blue side