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Who will defeat liquid
Nope, they've been the 1 team to really prove that firepower isn't key to everything. It is about motivation, since they're not attending much events and want more freetime.
this weekend
Who will defeat liquid
If Astralis get their motivation back I'm sure they'll easily overcome Liquid, but who knows. If Vitality gets a little more consistent and organized they should have a good shot aswell.
are tanktops gay?
It just doesn't look very attractive imo. During workout, sure, since it serves some kind of purpose.
best movie?
All Friday the 13th movies
boring era?
How can you complain about something that is vital to the game? Astralis were just smart enough to use it well. Besides, they did take aim duels and they were good at it :)
Cutest female csgo MILF player?
She ain't cute
Liquid supervised hack on lan
Seems like some fair arguments. I'm in
3-2 to Ence, trust me
Couldn't agree more. They are just playing with the silly americanos.
I think he's entertaining. May not have all that knowledge, but I think he fits in well.
Sweden is a joke
Lol, tax rates in Sweden is way lower than in Denmark and in Denmark you have to earn at least 300k euros a year. Stop lying online to get sympathy.
Yeah, I'd say at least 1 map for INTZ gods <3
Liquid got lucky?
Yeah sure, but everyone gets some lucky competitors once in a while. They deserve it anyway
Liquid got lucky?
Problem with Astralis is that if they feel pressure they just withdraw from any kind of competition. Liquid goes to most events possible to them.
Liquid got lucky?
Legend says he is, my friend.