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Natus Vincere vs Astralis
LUL ur predictions going well LUL
brezhe still not banned
Fucking thank you, the man wasn't right about some things but he was also revolutionary in other areas, and helped bring a lot of good ideologies to the world
godamn youre a fucking idiot
NRG Tier 1 or 2?
doesnt mean shit. when sk was best they consistently lost to astralis. when faze was best they lost to sk always. NaVi has much stronger and more consistent results throughout all of 2018 and is the b...
If CS:GO was 6v6
lmao right? i came here expecting actual discussion idk wtf i was thinking
If CS:GO was 6v6
ROFL you say that like navi is shit, you notice them being consistent af made 8 top 4 in a row, #2 in the world meanwhile BR busy trying to learn how to not be shit
stereotypes for every country in hltv?
no i think the german calling russians subhuman is though, very reminiscent of nazi values
Best special forces units?!
which is fucked considering poland is the barrier between russia and germany
Best CS lineup for every region
either adren or hobbit, to be a more supportive player, i chose adren bc of his experience, since navi losing edward loses a lot of experience. although h0bbit did thrive in zeus system so really idk ...
Best CS lineup for every region
CIS: s1mple, electronic, flamie, adren, zeus. coach: starix in no world is ange1 a better choice for igl than zeus, zeus is one of the most decorated igl of all time, and is leading a top 2 team who ...
none, just dont care what people do with their money and can recognize trash 11 year old baiting
yes ok, here knife, you happy (: