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Rain sucks because he have one of the hardest roles in the team, entryfragging, he is always going first, rain at his role is actually good, he can make good entry frags in one game, but ye i know rai...
FaZe fix
-karrigan +cromen or krimz or test karrigan as igl first if he can shine again
FaZe 5th?
They should test karrigan again as igl, karrigan is/was one of the best igls entire game, if that doesnt work vack igl role to niko and - karrigan and +Krimz or -rain and karrigan and bring zeus and s...
Top 10 players of 2018
1. Device/simple 2. Simple/device 3. Electronic 4. NiKo 5. Dupreeh 6. Twistzz 7. Magisk 8. ChrisJ 9. Naf 10. Glaive 11. Coldzera 12. Guardian (Bcs he played first 6 months great) 13. Xyp9x 14. Fallen ...
-Karrigan -Guardian +S1mple +Sunny
Ye, but i can believe he can be star again. Guardian have to ve changed now, matbe karrigan
-Karrigan -Guardian +S1mple +Sunny
+1 Cromen would be good with rain/niko cromen haves potential to become good player and he can learn lot of at rain/niko, chrisj never gonna leave mouz, FaZe needs awper like KennyS / Skadoodle, they ...
-Karrigan -Guardian +S1mple +Sunny
Actually i think karrigan had played better than rain sometimes, but espicially better than guardian lately, he can make some hood strats together with niko, just - guardian and add better awper who c...
FaZe best fix
+1 They need smart and good fragger sametime, like cromen, he had actually smart plays and were fragging positively at belohorizonte, -rain, rain isnt shining anymore that good, keep karrigan on team ...
Top 20 2018
I think Rez would be in top 20 and Sunny
Top 20 2018
My top 5 would be #1 Niko/s1mple #2 s1mple/niko #3 krimz #4 rain #5 coldzera