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Max age gap in love?
example:19/2+7=16.5 So this means u are pedophile or is normal??????????
its not his fault because he gets so much hate even when he is not toxic. if you dont like him then dont watch his stream why they had to hate him. The best in the world put some respect on him.
his team is holding him back so much. He always needs to carry to win and topfragging all games. He deserves a better team
Faze players acting like child
stop crying kid they only won against mousesports online so doesnt make them good so stfu spanish retard
Faze players acting like child
I defend him cuz he got trolled by some nonamers of fpl and that doesnt make me xantares fan
Faze players acting like child
Im not xantares fan lol but he is still very much better than all movistar rider players
Faze players acting like child
u mad cuz movistar got demolished after BM on some legends lol movistar fan on 2020 KEKW
Faze players acting like child
yes true and they got demolished on the second half lol. Movistar are just onliners like coldzera said on twitter. Movistar will be trash once teams start to play on LAN.
Pros going to Valorant
orgless were shit on csgo thats why they switched to valorant.
Aztec Remake
it looks good til now. keep it up.
Top 20, 2020
Song name
Darude Sandstorm
liquid 1 - 0
* Grand final. Liquid will have a 1-0 map advantage due to coming from the upper bracket
aunkere FPL
Top 25 riflers
5.BlameF 18.Jkaem 19.Xantare 21.Coldzera u made me laugh omg u stupid