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Cpu upgrade
I have 5600x so I dont really know about intel ones exactly. But this one sure needs upgraded cooler. Boxed one does not really allow to run boost clocks. I believe it is same with intel also. I have ...
39°c here
-5c here
Cpu upgrade
5600x in csgo is very very good. Possible best you can find for that price. But you need a new mbo so it will be closer to 500e which is over your budget. For 300-400 I would recommend intel 12100F...
former polyaddict AMA
It is not really a rehab. Its kind of like diving deeper in yourself as a person to try and understand what caused you to develop addiction. And giving tools how to understand yourself better and doin...
former polyaddict AMA
I hope denmark has minnesota treatment. Look it up and I recommend highly trying it out to see what it is about. I have close experience from that and also have worked 1 year in one treatment center. ...
Which EU country is best to visit? I am studying abroad
which nordic language to learn?
Finnish. Very useful globally
Movie mens come)
untouchables. Baguette version
does watching pro games make you better?
Sure especially if you dive deeper into their decisionmaking in certain situations. Watching is one of the most powerful ways to learn. Even watching own games it is good to see mistakes and figure ou...
What CPU to pick?
I get that. If you on a budget then you are on a budget. I'm sure you will see a big upgrade anyway. Have a good day and dont mind what I said <3
What CPU to pick?
I bought 5600x on release. My brother bought 10400F on release. I have not regretted one day and everything runs smooth. My brother felt almost immediately that his cpu is underpowered for todays gami...
What CPU to pick?
But think of how many years that will give you fps.
friends in HLTV
I dont know a friend but I respect iBait and wildfire for their very good opinions.
What CPU to pick?
Can confirm. Very good gaming cpu especially for relatively low price.