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I create super teams for each country/language
German Even though they´re not as good as they could be right now
top toxic countries in csgo
feeling thank u
Liquid vs MIBR in final Individual performances will make the difference from there, which I can´t tell right now
worst injury u had?
Broken upper jaw when I was 8
Bass Songs help fast
Jumpsuit - twenty one pilots Really nice bass riff in the chorus
Nuke/Train underrated?
You're very welcome my friend. Finally someone on HLTV with an objective view on Counter-Strike.
Nuke/Train underrated?
Train is one of the best maps in the active map pool right now. It requires a lot out of an IGL and a lot of team communication and coordination. Nuke is also one of the hardest maps to play, because ...
I guess your mom's name
Nope. But I´ll let it count cuz NRG Fan
I guess your mom's name
Country: Germany Age: 17 Age of my Mom: 40 Age of my Dad: 44 She has a work: yes
Top 5 football clubs in ur country
FC Bayern München Borussia Dortmund Borussia Mönchengladbach FC Schalke 04 Hamburger SV
best rap song ever
Lose Yourself - Eminem Undisputed classic.
I guess your favorite team
It used to be mouz like 1 year ago, now it´s BIG/MIBR. But good guess!
I guess your favorite team
Age: 17 From: Germany Favorite player: ropz Least favorite team: NaVi Following for: about 3 years
Dream Team
My region: gob b tabseN syrsoN faveN nex International: chrisJ NiKo ZywoO dupreeh rain
Top 5 best aimers?
s1mple NiKo Twistzz autimatic sunny