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Who will FaZe sign?
+ropz +s1mple, ez major ez era lol
looks like a "only amateur vids" site, iugh
1050 or 1050ti
so you are trying to talk as an smart person and yet you speak about "having the right" to laugh at something, that's nice, quite objective, so tell me, how's that I need to acquire "the right" to lau...
1050 or 1050ti
or maybe i just bought every component that i have, who knows? but that's ok, let's say that my parents gave it all to me so we can satisfy your sophisticated sense of humor
1050 or 1050ti
1050 lol lmao rofl xdXD
3.21 anyone?
3.21 anyone?
n1gga stole my explanation
at what age did you independize
nice london m8
i think that non-prime blatant cheating actually helps to the process of deep learning of vacnet, i mean, u just give those morons a piece of land where they can go around naked and kill each other so...
esea codes
lol, it worked
high sens
i would recommend u to give it a go with the arm playing, do a lot of ffa and aimbotz (static and non-static), but i mean, A LOT, killing over 2k bots on aimbotz and such, trying to get 200+ kills on ...
high sens
in addition i should say that i had a similar problem, and I realised that 16:10 reduced almost all of my overflicking, weird tho, i didn't changed my sens, although i use a very low sens (1.2 x 400 d...
high sens
what do u mean with "lower my sens", 0.1 decrements? 0.2?
high sens
arm will give a lot more consistency, the tracing on the mousepad is quite more regular, it'll be less shaky