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-flamie +Sadokist
I say it but I'm not racist.
country you'd like to be born in
I'd say brazil bc my parents are from there and I've been there and it is awesome. Besides that, probably some rich country like Norway.
Faze vs Astralis
Lol, its unfortunate faze lost but I'm not surprised, astralis is really good.
Faze vs Astralis
I'm not plastic, I just dont think faze will win. I wouldn't be at all upset if they win.
Faze vs Astralis
Lol, rip your money
I'm not saying they are always wrong. Bolsonaro defending his son so he doesn't go to jail is another hypocritical and shitty thing he did. He isnt perfect. But I'm saying that The Guardian just loves...
Letting you know right now, The Guardian absolutely loves to shit on Bolsonaro.
Ok sounds good thank you
I dont think xsepower is that weird of a name, I agree with the other though Also, there buster and flusha. Buster is a dogs name and flusha said he got his name from flushing a toilet...
While I do agree, what do you think it would take for a team to have their own "era"
Worst 16 - 0?
Can you post a link to it? I cant find it anywhere. Nevermind, I literally found it after I typed this comment. I gave no memory of this match.
sketch a CSGO player
That is very true, but I'm looking forward to the upcoming major because bow that astralis arent dominant anymore, there can actually be a competitive tournament with exciting and close matches. Even...
sketch a CSGO player
When I was watching it my heart sank every round we got closer to the loss. For literally one week I was just so upset we lost and it was all o could think about
I have an easy 2 step plan that always works, first you have to spray perfume once on you neck, then once on your wrist, then rub them together. The second step ... Is to load your gun.