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Autumn 2018 to the Berlin Major and Twistzz was one of the best players in the world. After that he switched roles, began lurking and started having to support throughout rounds as he always had a lef...
He is literally inexperienced as hell and already showed he is much better on Lan. Some people just don't understand team dynamics and think if someone has bad stats they should be removed smh
There is no reason for Gen.G to remove S0m. They are doing perfectly fine with: -Daps on bad ping -Playing online when they are better on lan -Autimatic and Bntet aren't even playing their best -Bnte...
When North disband?
They just need to completely restart with only Kjaerbye and Aizy Even go international to get better results
mibr top 5 by end of 2020
Mibr fans have been saying this since they fell off in 2018
Liquid underrated ?
They do have a lot of things going against them at the moment: -Burnout -Two players on bad ping -bad practice -Just switched some roles
HLTV top20
Latvia Serbia(Not 100% sure if they haven't had one before?) Lithuania Indonesia Germany
RUSH has been one of my favourite players since the C9 major win, Stewie, Tarik and Skadoodle got so much praise after that event. But people completely forgot about Autimatic and especially RUSH, one...
Yeah that guy was replying to my comment, he was just scared because he follows Vitality. RUSH is one of the most underated players in all of CSGO
Blast Spring finals
Told you...
worst final ever ?
Avangar vs Forze, Blast Moscow
Boston 2018 Major - Best Major
I think we will, the usual teams will do decent Then there’s the new teams, or teams that are showing some promise: Furia G2 Gen.G C9 Mad lions Big Then even mibr are improving, next major may ...
Blast Spring finals
He’s a good site anchor and a role player, and he’s very good in that role He also doesn’t need to perform extremely highly in his team, he has 4 stars around him, he just needs to be a pillar of con...
Boston 2018 Major - Best Major
Yeah I’ve gone back and watched old ones, you just don’t get games like: Astralis vs VP C9 vs Faze LG vs Liquid Fnatic vs LDLC Just to name a few, it’s very sad, but hopefully with no truly domin...