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Hello. I am a lawyer at CSGOCommunity. Your service as analyst uses literally no intellectual power and violates my fucking brain from all the shit you talk.

Community has two demands for Thorin.

1. Immediately cease use of all social media to spill your fucking garbage ideas (including twitter, facebook, twitch, youtube) about Counter-Strike.

2. No later than June 21, 2018, cease use of every single social media (including twitter, facebook, twitch, youtube) to avoid interacting with and polluting the community.

Thorin is using twitter accounts to talk polemic bullshit for commercial purposes in violation of this community's goodwill. Community will flame, dox, witchhunt and bully Thorin if he posts any further bullshit associated with Counter\-Strike:Global Offensive by June 21, 2018. You should post any last bullshit prior to that deadline.

Asshole Assholeson

CSGOCommunity Lawyer
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Finnish skadoodle
If c9 removes kio c9 Is FUCKED
Doesnt matter golden doesnt count now
If c9 removes kio c9 Is FUCKED So unless they somehow get zellsis to play for them at the major or they keep kio or flusha im...
If c9 removes kio c9 Is FUCKED
If c9 removes kio c9 Is FUCKED
If c9 removes kio c9 Is FUCKED
If c9 removes kio c9 Is FUCKED
If u are a c9 fan u should be hoping they dont aign jugi and k0nfig
Cloud 9 Team????
I believe he said that he only does well in stable lineups. I think he would fitore in nrg or liquid
If c9 wants to kick kio i think they’re retarded. But tbh if the tsm rumor is true then i think kio prefer to be in europe
Do u know if kioshima want to leave or c9 want to get rid of kio
mousesports vs fnatic
Chrisj owned twist and xIzt lol
People watching mouz vs fnatic
Fnatic, no joke
U never know how someone would play in another team. The same thing could be said about flusha after katowice before h got benched. Was easily fnatics worst player but reinvented himself in c9
People watching mouz vs fnatic
Lmaoooo why im hoping they actually get more than 3 rounds on inferno this time
North vs
Yeah. I knew that north would lose nuke 10000000% the way they lost pistol