Hello. I am a lawyer at CSGOCommunity. Your service as analyst uses literally no intellectual power and violates my fucking brain from all the shit you talk.

Community has two demands for Thorin.

1. Immediately cease use of all social media to spill your fucking garbage ideas (including twitter, facebook, twitch, youtube) about Counter-Strike.

2. No later than June 21, 2018, cease use of every single social media (including twitter, facebook, twitch, youtube) to avoid interacting with and polluting the community.

Thorin is using twitter accounts to talk polemic bullshit for commercial purposes in violation of this community's goodwill. Community will flame, dox, witchhunt and bully Thorin if he posts any further bullshit associated with Counter\-Strike:Global Offensive by June 21, 2018. You should post any last bullshit prior to that deadline.

Asshole Assholeson

CSGOCommunity Lawyer
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