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the legends that narrowly lost to BIG truly an amazing team
imagine losing a 2v5 that would have given you the momentum to win
C9 Wardell
lmao what stats have you been looking at? this is very wrong
if each pro is animal
stanislaw: snake Stewie: chihuahua Elige: Duck CerQ: Panda
TenZ vs oBo vs s0m
blameF would go crazy within the first week of practice
Germany - a lost legacy
Vietnam was only a loss because of the pressure Americans put on the president to take the troops out due to drafting. if the usa actually tried they could have crushed vietnam easily.
girl is losing interest
Is it really that hard to understand? You said "no" to the big question and now you are all mad that she's losing interest? Do you have any self awareness?
Fnatic +olof - brollan
I'm stupid because I misremembered a roster change that happened a long time ago. fuck off pls :)
Fnatic +olof - brollan
did you read my edit dude? shut the fuck up already I already admitted I was wrong Newsflash: Calling someone braindead like that other guy did doesn't make me question if I'm wrong its just aggressi...
USA bans Vaping
They started vaping but I'd say most don't use nicotine with them, which should be fine unless I missed something.
Fnatic +olof - brollan
are you retarded? just asking because it honestly seems like you aren't answering my question, nor are you saying Golden or brollan's roles on fnatic
Fnatic +olof - brollan
What does brollan do? He used to IGL but not anymore now that Golden is here?
USA bans Vaping
No I don't vape why does that even matter? Also I don't get how vaping is "gay" you just kind of sound like a child saying that. the reason I'm defending this is because its blatant as fuck that thes...