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Why niko better then s1mple
In 2017 NiKo was better :) Did you read my comment?? 2018 and now 2019 is s1mples year but he will see what the future holds
Lies who are told to you a lot.
Islam is a religion of peace. Dont talk about stuff that you dont know, why do you belive the things that you see on the internet and on the TV. Dont mix ISLAM and ISLAMISM. Those 2 things are totally...
Why niko better then s1mple
S1mple fanboii here... Dude you cant compare these two players, just like messi and cr7 They both show up when there team needs them the most Sometimes NiKo is better, sometimes s1mple
Why niko better then s1mple
lol, are u stupid, he cant awp??!?!??!!??!!? Dude, did you watch him play with the AWP?? You are either a s1mple fanboy or you are blind :/
why are you crying, its the truth, when was the last tier 1 tournament that they have won?
lol MiBR top 3, OMEGALOL. Idk how are they top 10 tbh :/
Navi 1-3
just stop crying man and chill, your life doesn't depend on the success of MiBR. Have a nice day u2
Navi 1-3
What are you hoping for man??? For the major??? Not gonna happen man, MiBR got some talent but i don't think that they can take this one. Suree it was just the 1st game and thay can bounce back to the...
Navi 1-3
xD "That was a strategic loss..." what a pitiful excuse Not hating on MiBR (in fact i cheer for them) but you Brazilians are so triggered fans, just like Danish fans for Astralis (no hate)
sooo??? Triggered BR fan: " wE lOsT oN pUrPoSe sO wE wAnT oPeN mArKet!" Dudee just suck it up, you didn't play well and you lost, same thing with CS, why you made its only game :)
lolololololol Triggered Brazilian fan right here 😂 Dude i dont hate BR but you are a little bit stupid. "They sold the WC cuz of open market" OMEGA LUL
New Astralis confirmed
The best team isn't the team with the best players but the team that plays best together. would be cool if for example we see NiKo, S1mple, cold etc. play together but if they don't have...
How dafuq you become a 2nd best player in the world when you can't aim at the head? Astralis is a great team but as players there skill level isn't as good as s1mple, NiKo, cold etc.
I am not an expert and I didnt watch all the tournaments in 2018 and i am pretty sure that the people that do this ranking in HLTV are experts and they know what are they doing and device fans, calmm ...