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If you have come to my profile, you either are a beast who recognizes me from my beast YouTube channel, or it's because you have been baited and trolled easily and now want to continue to dance for me.

I say one word and you do it on command. I can stop saying anything and you will still dance for me.

Jonty will be perpetually dancing for me. His mind is mine.


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FURIA vs Bad News Bears
Quick question, but I was always confused by this. I see by stats that Yuurih is better statwise compared to Kscerato, but why didn't MIBR target him instead of Kscerato? Does it have to do with plays...
I'm not even a fan of NiKo lol. He's the reason why FaZe is under the water right now by kicking out Karrigan and trying to IGL himself. I think he's a little overrated too considering people would ta...
First of all, link is broken. Second of all, HLTV rankings are arbitrary and BS. It's their opinion just like you're spewing your opinion and i'm saying my opinion. I never said he wasn't the best pla...
You realize that it's called the top 20 PLAYERS of the year and not TEAMS? They had a separate article and top 10 for best teams. When talking about the top 20 players, we are talking about THEM and t...
Sergej plays OSRS
That's pretty biblical
FaZe Clannot
Ain't happening omegaLUL. You lose against Ghost, you're losing against C9.
best event ever
I really liked Oakland 2016/2017. More so 2017 because of the storyline of both. NiP meeting what most would say would be the best team at the time in both tournaments and winning the final in a close...
Fuck Liberals
Like you read that shit and you see the hypocrisy of it all. They become the very thing they hate lmao. Same goes for far right, same goes for anything really. It's honestly triggering how retarded pe...
Fuck Liberals
Shit happens on both sides of the spectrum my dude. Extremists in everything. That's why I have no opinion on this shit and I say fuck the news, reading that shit is 24/7 propaganda from whatever side...
s1mple v device [COME]
Fans will be fans. Loyalty is good. Blind loyalty is bad.
WHY TOP 20 IS STUPID (S1mple vs Device)
s1mple v device [COME]
I made a post on this exact point, it's HLTV's list. It's not the end all be all. Your own opinion is what matters. HLTV acts like their shit is super official when it's their own rankings with their ...
s1mple v device [COME]
Top 20 Players implies individual skill. Device has consistently been below s1mple. The only reason he would be in contention is because of achievements, but those are as a whole team. Device did not ...
what cases open
Hydra ez
list god tier movies
Tom Hanks is a beast, all of those movies he listed with him are great, especially The Green Mile.