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You're right, mate. I'm watching every FaZe's matches with cromen as stand-in and he is always getting at least one or two kills on T side pistol round.
yeah sure, and after chrisj did that mistake they were able to get just 1 more round, what about that?
C9 new shirt
That's way better then the previous.
Mouz Change!!!
I would enjoy this change a lot, I personaly think that n0thing it's better then Styko and he has more experience but I would feel bad for Styko who's actually a really good guy.
sunny kills i dont see them
Boring but consistent, my friend. He don't need to make show, he is good in my opinion.
Stewie = Brazilian
best na player after NAF and twistzz
Cloud9 +n0thing?
I think you're right, Skadoodle might stay in.
FaZe +dennis
"unlike olof he has pride" Pride to play in NiP? NiP who dosn't get any achivements? They are always eliminated in group stage. Unlucky, f0rest is playing in NiP ruining his time when he could join ...
NiP vs VG.Flash
That was my opinion.
FaZe shroud
It would be an excelent replace for olofmeister if shroud wants to come back in CS:GO completly and he gets his old form.
NiP vs VG.Flash
I'm not a fan of VG.Flash, that was my opinion.
NiP vs VG.Flash
You're close to the original meaning. I mean that NiP with Lekr0 right now, in this match, will be hard for them to beat VG.Flash. That's my opinion.
NiP vs VG.Flash
They are getting better and better when they play on LANs and can obviously up-set this match.
Who will be top 20
I forgot about NAF and Electronic.
Who will be top 20
One of those players will be 100% in top 20: NiKo TaRiK BnTeT Gla1ve Dev1ce Xyp9x Dupreeh Magisk Twistzz S1mple Guardian Rain Xantares Cold