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Countries that are nice to visit but trash to live in
lul i believe this topic created for turkey beacause it's the best answer for the topic title. But rn i have a good life living 5 min by the beach and forest everwhere, very chill place
csgo players you cant hate
Toxic bettors == can hate any player if lose money But anyways woxic is a nice guy And so much respect for forest + get_right
5'9 105 KG and a virgin but not fat
just keep smiling
training aim
I do 80 pushups 40 pullups 40 squats and a 10 min plank before I join to the server
Top 3 things you love and hate in your country
Love ---------------- Food Nature Weather Hate -------------------- Ignorant religious people Erdogan and his supporters Some outdated cultures
Turkey has better military power than germany?
yea it could be since they can speak English
Physicians and scientists come
Thanks man best comment
Physicians and scientists come
Ty man i will talk to elon musk about this project. Going into space with less rocket fuel = less cost
Physicians and scientists come
Why not?
Xantares GOAT
Lul even the casters are saying he is the best entry fragger right now but u guys of course know much better
Wtf is netflix do with the cs go section
Ronaldinho is Overrated
you know sometimes you have a teammate who trolls with knife kills, zeus kills , buying stupid guns and getting multi-kills laughing when he loses or dies so Ronaldinho is that guy in the football
BIG'll be better on LAN
+1 any team can lose against eco if the team executing the rush well