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HellRaisers vs Movistar Riders
They are both teams good on nuke, hopefully MS will take last map. I knew they gonna win inferno. Supposed to be 2-0 for MS, but HR was lucky on first map. But 2-1 MS easy.
HellRaisers vs Movistar Riders
First map was really close, but I'm all the way for Movistar. Too bad Alex played bad. Shit happens, I still believe.
Spirit vs Liquid
I'll go for Spirit again, I believe in them.
HellRaisers vs Movistar Riders
We will win buddy I'm pretty confident.
forZe vs G2
I love ForZe lately. Really those ruskies doing really great job, I'd like to see lan from the., which they will :)
HellRaisers vs Movistar Riders
Went full bank on Movistar Raiders, I believe. Like GL won against vitality. Such a great day yo earn monies 😍😂😎
Vitality vs GamerLegion
I personally going to go for GL. Vitality seem a bit rough today and losing games, I think great chance to get some money.
Sprout vs Vitality
Sprout can upset
Luminosity vs Lazarus
Just went full bank on Laz. If LG wins I seriously reconsider of my life choices. G;G
Sprout vs NoChance
All in sprout was good choice odds weren't too bad and lately I love sprout never expected them to reach this high level.
Liquid vs Spirit
Spirit gonna take this, great odds. Spirit is really having great line up and they are good at that shit.
Sprout vs OpTic
Agreed on some part of it.
Sprout vs OpTic
Nope, actually about couple weeks ago they started make an impact and grind better. They are getting confident and I think their line up working out in a good way.
Sprout vs OpTic
Too bad I missed match, I genuinely wanted to bet on Sprout, who follows esport scene closely, they will know what I'm talking about
BIG vs Sprout
1-2 sprout