"Actions speak louder than words, let me try this shit"

About Me
Estonian electrical engineer with a Finnish GF
Kevin Durant's burner account
mousesports fan since 2016
FACEIT 1.2+ kd

Why am I on HLTV?
I find the CS:GO competitive scene compelling and motivating for my own work ethic. It's a bit weird. Also, CS is pretty much the only game I've played since middle school.

Things I hope happens in the scene
- The tier 3 NA scene comes back to life (As of now - VALORANT killed it)
- mousesports makes major playoffs (As of now - not even top 10)
- An Estonian CS team becomes relevant (As of now - nope. Scattered across a bunch of teams)
- Gen.G defeats Liquid (Yes! Gen.G 2-1 Liquid at summit)

"We wasn't supposed to make it past 25
Jokes on you we still alive"
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