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coldzera english [EU]
He was staying in Lisbon a few days ago
You buy Berlin Pass?
You get fun missions, fun pickem challenge and fun graffities also, selling atleast two souvenir packs will make you around 5 dollars, if you get diamond (3 drops) you'll end up barely losing money bu...
If yes vitality wins for sure, if he can't them mouz wins it all
Why is 4:3 outdated?? What makes 16:10 or 16:9 better?
Mouz or Vitality
list ur top10 favorite csgo maps
1- Mirage 2- Cache 3- Overpass 4- Inferno 5- Train 6- Nuke 7- Dust 2 8- Cobble 9- Ruby 10- Vertigo 10-
2 pass on berlin major
2 pass on berlin major
Those coins are traded for souvenir packages, so souvenir prices are fucked since it will be cheaper to buy tokens instead is the packages
NRG dumb?
So lifeless major run
Best sticker investment?
Usually players and teams that make impressive runs in post major events get they're stickers inflated for a bit, for me it's been the easy way to profit every major. Katowice example: all vitality st...
Major Bold Predictions
-Vit vs Mouz in the finals. Mouz wins.. -Vit, Astralis, Mouz and Liquid semis -Vit, G2, Mouz, Liquid, Astralis, Navi and Cr4zy to play offs -Nip, Faze and North will go out 2-3 -Mibr, NRG and Forze w...
In Fnatic he made good changes making krimz and flusha pop off.. Lets see if he can do it this time with Nip
NiP has never had a fix leader with a fix system after xist departure...lets se if Golden knows how to use Rez full potential alongside f0rest
Newcastle - Arsenal
Arsenal sucked but got away with Newcastle being awful, man utd played goof
Newcastle - Arsenal
Free money imo, alongside man untd