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I rate your life
Sweden 177 yes Nip once a day, 10 mins maybe.
I guess your iq
24 9 never, ever.
At what age you woke?
9, 6 if you count that i started to theories about the shape of space and time at that age.
Fnatic fix
Lol, plopski is far worse than brollan.
best series?
only series that i reckon is better is breaking bad and the wire, no other series is as good (maybe westworld and peaky blinders)
best series?
the show has better production and story than 99.99% of all shows, stop being such a hipster.
Languages you speak
25, been studying it for 6 years. Well, my stepdad is danish so i speak it with him, and the other languages i had in school and use quite often during my travels, which is alot recently. But i can on...
Languages you speak
understand it but can only speak a coulpe of words, it's really simillar to swedish so there's really no need to learn it.
Languages you speak
Swedish - native English - fluent Mandarin - fluent Spanish - basic German - basic Danish - basic
I rate your gf
front row, just to be clear.
I rate your gf girl in the middle.
Top 50 young talents
Its hilarious, denmark iq
Top 50 young talents
Where is brollan? this list is utter rubbids mate. "young talent"
Danes most alpha
Gothenburgers are most alpha, rest of sweden is pretty cuck tbh, danes though, taking with dicks in their throats all the time, pretty damn gay man.
Real Madrid
"chosen people", and you were given a shithole of a country, i think you got it backwards mate. To be chosen you have to be intellegent and look good, and israelis are generally ugly and stupid, henc...