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for newfags
I thought in sweden you listen to different kind of music, like:
for newfags
ye, hltv turning into 4chan
Is it funny?
fucking rip
[*] rip
Avicii :(
RIP [*] for avicii
definition of ONLINERS
Maybe there is smth like onliners/offliners, some teams are known for performing better on lans than online like VP yet imo. both are just as important. Lans because they are usually bigger events, hi...
muslim kill avicii
islam is religion of peace islam is religion of peace islam is religion of peace islam is religion of peace islam is religion of peace islam is religion of peace islam is religion of peace islam is re...
You really are naive man. Media is the best way to manipulate people and government controls it just as they control everything. If they want you to agree with them taking more and more refugees, thei...
lul +111111 man
3rd world internet vs 1st world
Calling me a turk cuz i just spoke truth OMEGALUL
rip russia
Does it have something to do with the so called russian hackers that USA claims are constantly attacking or some shiet?
migrants in Europe
a loss of a arguments comes down to insults. how am i supposed to take you seriously? bye
migrants in Europe
its funny how you ignore most important things just to tell me how racist i am. Maybe i am? Maybe i am intolerant ? So what? My home my rules thats how it should work.
migrants in Europe
And the worst part is that they are not even grateful for what we're doing, instead they spit venom on us calling us racist etc. how the fuck they even dare to say smth like that, if it depended on my...
migrants in Europe
+1, muslims are cowards man they know nothing about honor, respect etc, they rape kids, run on the streets with matchetes cmon what are we even talking about they shouldnt be even called humans...