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Easily the best player in the world, almighty god himself who's skill is unmatched and ego infinite.
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battlefield in 2018 ?
Dont support this PC culture. Dont support feminism. Dont support the white Men-hate. Dont support the Left. So just dont buy this forced political propaganda bullshit.
ass or boobs ??
Long hair, small but not tiny firm ass and medium firm boobs + slim body = perfect looking woman. Ofc. i have other criteria like she'd have to be intelligent and not be a leftist and especially not b...
medium sized girls
No. I prefer slim, petite, fit grills but not too fit cuz i hate this shitty trend for oversized and overtrained asses.
You realize Whites were the last race to start using slavery and the first one to end it?
Thats why you dont argue with leftists ;______________________;
Nah, we do know that racism exist but definitely not to that extent as Leftist media show it. And when its down to whites, every day you hear about another SJW's calling another white dude racist beca...
Thats why literally every lesser european country that have taken refugees had terrorist attacks and we didnt? I bet you're one of the people who believe all this western bs like Poland gained so mu...
double post
so in short, everyone who disagrees with you is an alt-right nazi? You realize thats literally what i said LUL those leftists...
You realize you literally victimize yourself in every sentence and thats what typical LEFTISTS do my not friend. LMAO XD Hypocrisy at its finest. You're the one calling everyone "alt-right" as if it ...
Valve releasing 1 update per day
Good, funny talking about brains when you're a burger. You realize you guys are considered one of the dumbest people in the world LUL but as i said believe in w/e you want, ik this game is dead cause...
Valve releasing 1 update per day
Valve releasing 1 update per day
read 2nd sentence again
Who won world war 2?
Russia=USSR dude lul Judging by results of war, Russia (USSfuckinR) obviously lost the most. Wining a war is not about weaving a flag in the capital building or smth. Its about forcing better and mor...