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Full Japanese. Born in the US.
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Your taste in music
Japanese songs don’t appeal to me at all. I lived abroad for a long time so I never got into Jap music in the first place but when I listen now I only find some songs good. Slow songs don’t really lea...
Languages you're interested to learn
I learnt French the longest while I was abroad, did some Arabic when I lived in Dubai. So it'll probably be that order, French, Arabic, Spanish since I don't know any Spanish
Languages you're interested to learn
Don't have the time as of now but French, Spanish and Arabic.
I defo like them a lot! They seem like really nice guys and even when Liquid were on a terrible run of form and FURIA were beating them game after game a while back, they were tweeting “GG” and saying...
rip stewie
In the end we’ll never know right? It’s not like playing CS 24/7 is going to improve your performance. Stew doesn’t even play Valorant that much in the first place, and as I said, there are no excuses...
rip stewie
I said the Valorant shit was dumb didn’t I? “Make up an excuse” lmao, read what I actually fucking said. Yeah, vape contains chemicals but you really think a pro would be vaping to throw the match? He...
rip stewie
He can do whatever he wants lol. Didn’t say anything about him “having” to shit talk. Some players do that, others don’t. I agree the Valorant stuff is dumb but what’s wrong with vaping? He’s probably...
rip stewie
Truth though
rip stewie
That’s a load of bullshit imo. It’s not like they’re streaming instead of prac, they obviously have a schedule and most of them have free time- it’s just that stew chooses to stream and play Valorant ...
rip stewie
Or maybe because if he doesn’t admit it then people would be shitting on him even harder?
rip stewie
steel rekt
steel sounds like an idiot but Showtime sounds dumb af to me. Showtime said "you had the chance to remain silent", when literally the same thing applies to him? At least steel is doing it to protect a...
sushi enthusiasts come here
Says somewhere above as well but you should definitely start by ordering a boat that serves many different types of sushi, that way you can find out what you like easily. If you’re not confident about...