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Actually he is right... get your own life or die trying. if you had your own life you would never sit in front of computer watching 10 guys sitting in front of computers.
Gay marriage
Dude, stop. Not beeing in relationship for the rest of your life is not the end of the world. Its the current discourse to make you feel like you are someone special and you can be anyone and live hap...
whats the purporse?
what he ment by that our purpose is to reproduce he ment biological, evolutionary purpose, not what we should do
whats the purporse?
humanity is too successful in that matter... so it become danger to itself lol
GOT Ending
It was good, not very good but good. Daenerys turning mad and burning all the city was satisfaying both visually and plot wise.. and i really cheered for her.. Jon did stupid.. instead of choosing pow...
Who will be #12?
NEO or Pasha.. one of them for sure.. but might be none of them
Probably Poland will participate even though it should fucking sit quiet and mind its own business
AnarchyxNinja ( mainly Star Wars : Battlefront II, sometimes Battelfield), Spreeezy (PUBG)
VP dream roster (polish)
i doubt that because he became so arrogant... he reminds me of polish great tennis prospect who achieved Wimbledon semi-inal (Janowicz) and this was the end of his career because he too become very ri...
isn't Niger a river?
VP dream roster (polish)
the more so
VP dream roster (polish)
Snax is trash and i don't think he is going to be top player again... i would sooner go for GruBy or phr
watching somone best at something will be always most entertaining it can ever be (maybe except doing it yourself... like i always pick playing football myslef over watchin it in tv)... thats why i th...
Samsung S9?
I have S8 and i love it ... guess s9 is even better
What is Lithuania?
popular doesn't mean its good... people are dumb in general so rather that speaks against basketball