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"Soviets were starving"
"We".. Stfu kid, all u do is lay in bed all day eatin burgers and farting so much that u sound like an alfa romeo
Lmao this is exactly what came to my mind when I saw this thread
Why niko better then s1mple
yeah when the team u fanboy loses, it means nothing, but if they win then it actually matters
What the fuck are you talking about? You have brasilian and I have European flag, and u braidead monki say "0 majors"... I get triggered so easy when I see braindead retards like u on hltv man, go bac...
"monkey"... lmao why u talkin to urself man? Want sum bananas?
Mentally ill brother
follow him
i'm gay at 14 years old
Save the CS:GO scene!
Please dont use internet if you dont know how it works
Save the CS:GO scene!
You actually need some information for all these countries, you need to assemble a team, to write it..
Save the CS:GO scene!
Man u have too much free time. Get a job
how you met your first love?
Back in the 7th grade.. We were going to the same school, i ve got no idea how that happened. Btw, i saw her a couple of days ago.. I am glad that we broke up xd
Lmao, why the fuck are all these retards laughing?? I am sick of those kids pretending to be a higher claas gamer and laughing at other games. Tf u do it for? To look cool? U guys just look retarded a...
Roleplay server
I voted for even though i got no idea tf is this
Just dont tell you are trans.. Oh, wait.. You lil snowflakes need some fucking attention.. Idk what the actual fuck is wrong with ur lgbtshit heads
Better love story than twilightšŸ˜‚ Btw very happy for u m8