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r8 me pickems <3
Anything is possible, gl to u anyways and good night!
I live in Potsdam, and the Englisch standard is quite high id say, but i have to admit that my high school is a pretty good one(renowned gymnasium) As far as i perceive it, nowadays there isnt that bi...
r8 me pickems <3
Nip is risky Rather big/ence Faze/navi not safe as well
Best star wars game?
Dude i just baited, dont get ea bf 2 pls... Was so hyped and got disappointed, eventhough I got 200hours, get it if its under 20€ then it might be ok Tbh i loved the first ea bf, got some great memori...
If ur so frustrated then fkin leave this game, nobody forces u to watch this major, but u aint gonna take away the fun others have doin it... Csgo is not broken, i agree the ug meta is a bad thing but...
Summer 1v4 ace pistol Zellsis 1v4 ace pistol F0rest ace today Yesterdays aces Yesterdays clown fiesta 16:1 1:16 Shall I continue?
Best star wars game?
EA Battlefront 2
you better than Zellsis?
U are so delusional, start playing on lan for a price money of 1million, then shittalk again, cuz ur gonna suck dick heavily, probably not getting any frags
stop hating c9
Maybe bait but Zellsis is not c9s Coach dude, they listed him as coach to play with him if golden isnt back for Major - which was the case as we know
6500 hours
Last week i got a perma ban for ban evasion just cuz i gave the acc to a friend who has a cheating ban on his main faceit acc
6500 hours
Ban evasion is permanent, u have to be banned for Some different shit
Asian dominance in IEM Katowice
I mean the russian guy... He rly seems to think that bentet and xcurrate are polish, which in fact is wrong as they are indonesian
csgo community braindead?
Since when is !drop a german joke? Ur just the only person in the world that doesnt get it and is mad instead
Asian dominance in IEM Katowice
Dunno if ur joking or serious tbh
csgo community braindead?
Look history Btw !drop is a joke in case u didnt get it