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Der einzige der peinlich ist bist du mit deinem "cringe"...
Nip is playin with standin bro, why would you even expect them to be any good
why dont girls like me
Hltv is great for ppl with high self esteem, not for the ones with low
why dont girls like me
By judging of your previous comments, you clearly have very low self confidence and you are desperately seeking for attention. You try to Liften yourself up by shit talking others, which is the comple...
why dont girls like me
This one is actually very good
why dont girls like me
What do you think you get from asking on Hltv? This is a forum, ppl can write anonymously, they can hurt you without facing any consequences. In result you will feel even worse while only getting very...
Liquid vs Envy
Newfag spotted
kill myself
You are literally one of the worst human being ive ever met on this forum... Pls Start rethinking not only your recent posts but also your whole life.
Sprout vs OpTic
Good one, sadly he doesnt get it
Your countries biggest rival and ally.
Du raffst es nicht... He spoke of the after-war depths from the Marshall-Plan, which was basically a shitload of money as a Gift from the USA. Never forget how much we owe them, it is why we have had ...
I dont have a girlfriend or any friends
Agreed, it is not perfect, but in order to get muscels its better to be fat than slim. When ur are slim u need to eats heaps of shit to gain mass that can be converted to muscle mass. But slim ppl are...
I dont have a girlfriend or any friends
Stop crying and using would blabla, you can Do it so Do it
I dont have a girlfriend or any friends
Dont walk, because 1. Training isnt effective and 2. You can think too much when doing it, and thinking will put your self in an even worse mood. Work out, put yourself in the edge, either go to the g...
I dont have a girlfriend or any friends
Work out, get confident (i know this is Hard and easy to say, but always remember, most people dont think Bad about you, and if you open yourself to someone irl, you surely will get better cuz there a...
follow dreams!
Gaming clearly didnt teach you English well enough... Education is more important than u might think, at least if you want to study at a University