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Conservatives plan
Lol you literally just said that I am right. Good argument dude. "This law made miscarriages felonies" .... "it doesnt explicitly say that it's illegal " HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH
Conservatives plan
Thanks for proving my point good bye. It is not illegal. Bye bye dumbass. Thanks for admitting you are lying, fucking moron.
Conservatives plan
Gives up an argument? You are lying lol there is nothing to argue. The law does not make miscarriage illegal lol. I've never seen someone so pathetic before. You are so dumb you don't even realize you...
Conservatives plan
No, it's not lol. You say I can't read but you misspelled "can't"
Conservatives plan
You said miscarriage is a felony lol. Wow, you are dumb. You blatantly lie and you don't even know it. You just read Vox headlines and believe them.
Conservatives plan
You literally just blatantly lied to try to make your point lol. How pathetic are you?
Conservatives plan
All this guy does is lie and try to purposely mislead people because his arguments are weak.
No, there isn't... 1000 points is max.
FaZe Clan
So I’m not allowed to express my opinions on players that a team picks up? If Astralis drop glaive and pick up cadian am I not allowed to say that was a bad call? When did I complain about Niko?
Atheists prove that God exists
Hahaha, Keep following a violent religion that inspires terrorism. Muhammad was a terrorist. He was so much of a pussy he couldn't even handle someone criticizing him or else he would murder them. Muh...
FaZe Clan
You missed the point. There is nothing to say that neo is a good igl. He has not achieved anything as an igl.
Just because he is a legend, that doesn't mean he is not bad now. How is Neo a better igl then Niko? What has he done to prove that to you?
FaZe Clan
There is nothing to say that he would be a good IGL, when he was igling on VP they were shit.
US or Canada?
I agree Nitro is doing very good at IGL, But the point is that you said they need an IGL and Nitro was not an IGL until they needed an IGL, so someone else may be able to do it as well, like Stewie. T...
FaZe Clan
He just hasn't performed up to the level of a pro player the past few years.