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fnatic vs Ancient
well thats true plopski was a setback for ancient
fnatic vs Ancient
it should be but lately they been in not so super good form and ancient has show some progress
fnatic vs Ancient
Get a third stream then! And pls grow up and stop your namecalling...
fnatic vs Ancient
stream 2 games ez has been done before
fnatic vs Ancient
calling someone retarded is so stupid its a sickness your born with but being an stupid idiot isent...
fnatic vs Ancient
get a b stream then... why do they need to wait? bet there is people that wanna stream the game. or do they have to know who wins in order to play the game?
fnatic vs Ancient
last weeks been so many long postpones
AVANGAR vs Chaos
payback in semi
GamerLegion vs HellRaisers
Yeah that one was pretty exciting 😁 i dont say he is cheating Iv had some insain days to when u hit people left to right even if u dont see them. Prefire angels and shot commen spots through smoke. A...
GamerLegion vs HellRaisers
HS looks suspicious hahaha tbh
HellRaisers vs GamerLegion
hahaha that was a great game! thanks naaawk great show and dennis you came trough when it matters! Started of a little shitty tho.
fnatic vs Ancient
He is right! get_right havent been a top player for few years and i dont think he can comeback to what he once was so thats a sure change for naaawk
HellRaisers vs GamerLegion
Intressting match! Will be fun to se how it works out with Dennis in the squad.
Respect for Boombl4
elige > zywoo > s1mple
Elige is the best player in the world.
i agree