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These odds are so weird. I know for a fact that NiP Will win this matchup, although The odds for some reason are on mibr’s side? Should be easy for nip to win this match. 2-0 or 2-1 for NiP 99.9% fors...
9/9 pickem LUL ez
BIG, they have god XANTARES
good aim
In that case, you have a very small mousepad sir. I use QCK Heavy.
good aim
2.0 sens 400 dpi is very balanced. Good for precision, spray, movement, 180 degree turn-arounds, and so on. Can't get more balanced in my opinion. I really think 2.0 will suit most people, but general...
I will start gym tomorrow
False. Unless you're doing an exercise with incorrect form, it won't hurt you. However, yes, your muscle fibers will get damaged, but that's exactly what you want. Have you ever put time into the scie...
I will start gym tomorrow
Worst advice I've heard in a while. You should always break your limits in order to put on more muscle mass. You need to destroy the muscle fibers and shock the muscle to gain more pure muscle weight.
Will I ever get a gf
Man lol, me too. I'm pretty equal to you, but I guess one of the most important things is to be "natural". I don't think girls like someone who "tryhards" way too much by suddently dressing really goo...
Slumps happen for all of us, and you shouldn't be worried at all. Sometimes we just don't do as well as we used to, and we can't be equally as good all the time. In order to get out of a slump, I pers...
Your low sensitivity could easily be the problem, still. I played with 1.5 sens at 400 dpi for more than two years, and damn, I was inconsistent. Global with 35-40 frags some days and other days I go...
zowie ec2a any1 here
Also, you asked us about our grip style, which you luckily don't really have to worry about as it allows you to do fingertip, claw- and palmgrip. Whatever suits you. :) My hand is quite small, just a...
zowie ec2a any1 here
I'd recommend the EC2-B. It's actually the exact same mouse, just with a better sensor. (3310<3360), and I even decided to upgrade from the EC2-A. The difference is, without a doubt, noticeable. Howev...