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G2 will win both 2020 majors, calling it now
kennyS best awper btw
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Frýdek-Místek, Moravian-Silesian region I have to say I really like my city, enough of everything and the city obviously isnt crowded
US Judges
You really live up to your name! Even though Brazilians are actually really kinda smart on average men))
Germany islam attack again
They are tho Left/right was always indicating the economy system, not any ideologies. You can say Nazis were and are leftist, they literally propose a system very similar to communism
-alex +kennys
guy was signed up 14years ago, highly doubt he has no idea of what he is talking about:D
HLTV slow?
It was a bait If this is a bait, I got jebaited, 8/8
Nuke brazil
haha :D those threads are always from German users, but I think its just 3 guys trolling and creating alts
VACsucks actually has a good post?
Only few people doubt Kjaerbye was and is cheating on LAN Imo this is proof, but obviously Valve wont take any action, even if they found out on their own tournament
Rip Norris :-(
North easiest path
cmon man, cr4zy isnt easy at all, and syman have a lot of upset chance even g2 played against dreameaters and tyloo, their first challenge is mouz meanwhile intz played north and vitality, feel quit...
sanji LUL
well, hes still fragging well, throwing good flashes, smokes, nades.. I find this guy more impactful than Jame on this roster
Berlin Major - Coin Question
you cant get it anymore :(
Major Winner
Split T and CT side in stats
I agree
Vitality won't win Starladder Major.
very true
How many times have you been banned for nothing?
Theyre writing the reasons of the ban now? Thats great I think 2times, twice it was deserved lol