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Messi arrived in israel
HAHA ! Made my day !!!!
Astralis still the goat
explain for the tactical part please (the headshot one meh)
Astralis still the goat
in terms of peak EG > Astralis ? EG doesn't have a strong domination over the games they played not like last year Astralis when where you see Astralis is gonna be a stomp. in terms of peak Astralis >...
Hottest CSGO Player
seriously when yous start a thread like this one you should always start by the X GOD !!! DOSIA !!!
Just send Le Tank...he'll 1vs The whole cs scene and sweden.
1.Lies he said they were rapist that was the first word he used. 2. Unlike you i know what's the definition of each of them and where they differ and the relation they have. and i don't rely on dumbsh...
facts that ppl deny?
French cs is shit
1. it wasn't, but ok even if it was you mean that ALL illegal immigrants are rapist and bring crime with them ? isn't this racist just because you saw one rapist doesn't mean all illegal immigrants ar...
he talked about immigrants and not illegal immigrant. for the muslim ban his version was ban muslims then his administration installed one watered-down version because it had already made a scandal. ...
calling mexicans rapist and thiefs ? the muslims ban ? calling the haitien people coming to usa as "ALL having aids" Trump tweeted that several black and brown members of Congress are “from countries ...
so you mean he's not racist nor dumb and not full of himself ?
To have a chance against trump you need to be racist, dumb, with an ego inversely proportional to your IQ. which is really hard.
i have islamophobia
you're pure trash for having conclusions like "bosnians from rural places are complete aids" while i'm sure you didn't met them all. pure trash
Top 10 igl
MSL is bad in every aspect of the game, not even baiting.
Best year for CS:GO scene.
Krieg approves your post.