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Finland explain.
Lucky, I spent my 18th birthday at the hospital getting my pleura drained :)
why is red bull so expensive?
Well you see, he dwells in his basement playing CS:GO all day so he doesn't get any UV-radiation. OMEGALUL
why is red bull so expensive?
His point is that literally anything will give you cancer so you might as well drink/eat whatever, I guess.
Top 5 tv series
You guys are degenerated lunatics... FRIENDS TOP 1
What do you mean? Congo is in your national football team ;)
Languages to Learn?
BEST LIST 2018 | FREE V-BUCKS | OMG GOT THE W | NINJA EXPOSED | NEW FORTNITE TRICK YOU MUST TRY Something easy: Norwegian, Danish or Swedish Something difficult: Chinese, Russian or Finnish Something...
sweden worst team in ro16?
1. "control" nice try but you're just as bad off as anyone, you lucky fucks are only surviving on your nazi gold ;) 2. Show me then. 3. Two IH world cups back to back, 4 CS:GO majors, and we are abov...
sweden worst team in ro16?
1. Nope. BTW you know what's funny? You guys are so shit that you import immigrants to play sports for you, while we do it for humanitarian reasons. 2. Name one swiss team that could beat Ence please ...
sweden worst team in ro16?
1. You have way more immigrants in your team, even though you have a lower percentage of immigrants than Sweden. 2. Choking against Ence, the top 1 team of all time is understandable. 3. Switzerland ...
sweden worst team in ro16?
Hahahahaha guld!
sweden worst team in ro16?
Diving? Please mr medkit. You asshats fucking grabbed our shirts all game and was continously fouling withot the ref giving a single shit but okay fam.
NiP vs Cloud9
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NiP vs Cloud9
Rusha? Fucking majorform from this beast, even though I cheer for NiP it's great watching him perform like this.